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Condensed Matter and Complex Systems
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Festschrift in honour of J. Zittartz on the occasion of his 60th birthday
"Current Trends in Condensed Matter Physics"

A Continuing Dedication to Physics

The present issue of The European Physical Journal B is a collection of scientific papers dedicated to Prof. J. Zittartz on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Prof. Zittartz is known to us as a distinguished researcher and ambitious academic teacher. In addition, over many years he has devoted much of his time to the propagation of science as an editor of Zeitschrift für Physik B. The merging of this journal with Journal de Physique has led to the creation of The European Physical Journal B in the beginning of this year.

Many of his friends, colleagues, former students and current collaborators have seized the opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation of Prof. Zittartz's dedication to physics. The idea of a Festschrift was taken over by an overwhelming number of authors worldwide working in all fields of Condensed Matter Physics.

We are happy to present a total of 62 research articles that have undergone the regular refereeing procedure of The European Physical Journal B. We thank the authors for their interesting contributions and the referees for their valuable assistance. We are grateful to the editors-in-chief Profs. S. Großmann and D. Jérome, as well as Prof. E. Müller-Hartmann for their support in producing this Festschrift.

Finally, we wish Prof. Zittartz all the energy for many more active years.

Andreas Klümper and Andreas Schadschneider

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