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Next step towards becoming European

We are very pleased to announce a further step towards a truly European Journal. Beginning with this first issue of the 1999 volumes of EPJ, the Journal of the Italian Physical Society, Il Nuovo Cimento, Section D, merges with The European Physical Journal, Sections B - Condensed Matter Physics - and D - Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. It is our great pleasure to welcome our Italian colleagues as authors and readers of EPJ B&D. We are convinced that this cooperation of physicists from three countries will allow us to publish a high level European journal, with a worldwide authorship and readership.

To extend and address more completely the various fields of science, covered in EPJ, Profs. F.T. Arecchi and A. Paoletti have been nominated co-Editors in Chief and Italian physicists will join the editorial board. EPJ has been very successful during its first year. The unexpectedly large number of submissions had to be met with an increase of the editorial staff. The submission procedure, being continuously improved, remains unchanged by the merger. As evidenced by the increased number of subscribers, the interested audience of our journal is larger now than it has been for its forerunners before the merger, making it even more attractive to submit
to EPJ.

Needless to say, further partners from more countries are very welcome to join our venture. Let us continue together to develop and design a modern Journal in which the best results of our research efforts will be published.

The Editors in Chief of EPJ B&D

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