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Condensed Matter and Complex Systems
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Co-operation by Mutual Transfer of Manuscripts

Co-operation among scientifically qualified journals is essential for providing authors with a proper wide audience in the interest of the progress of sciences.

The reviewing process of a scientifically qualified paper occasionally comes to the conclusion that the manuscript might be more suitable for a different journal than the one to which it was originally submitted.

The author might be inclined to agree to such a transfer of his/her manuscript to a different journal, if the original submission date of the manuscript would be maintained ant the related materials transmitted as well.

In order to facilitate this transfer of papers between The European Physical Journal and Europhysics Letters, the Editors-in-Chief of these journals have come to an agreement for the transfer of suitable manuscripts from one journal to another journal that should avoid unnecessary publication delays. Other journals published in Europe may join this co-operation.

In case of such an intended transfer of a submitted manuscript, the editor of the journal who has received the manuscript asks the author for his agreement and contacts the editor of the other journal. He sends him the manuscript and related material from the reviewing process. The final decision on the manuscript publication stays the with then editor of the journal to which the manuscript is transferred, who can either make his decision on the basis of the existing reports or ask for complementary reports.

S. Grossman, D. Jérome, A. Paoletti