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Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

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EPJ B Topical Issue: Recent developments in the functional renormalization group approach to correlated electron systems

Guest Editors: Carsten Honerkamp, Dante Kennes, Volker Meden, Michael Scherer and Ronny Thomale.

Submissions are invited for a Topical Issue of EPJ B on Recent developments in the functional renormalization group approach to correlated electron systems.

Within the scope of condensed matter research, the functional renormalization group approach is a quantum many-body method that combines the possibility to explore correlated electronic states and competing orders in a broad range of complex quantum materials. It embodies the transformative potential of a combined analytical and numerical toolkit aiming at quantitative predictions of collective phenomena in quantum many-body systems.

In the last decade, the functional renormalization group approach has witnessed major methodological advances and extensions. This includes aspects of the renormalization group formulation, increased computer power and enhanced interlinks to ab initio quantum material methods, extensions to strongly correlated electronic models, and electronic systems out of equilibrium.

Since those developments of functional renormalization take place in a vibrant environment of groundbreaking experimental advances in novel correlated quantum material synthesis, there is a natural call for broadening the basis of FRG practitioners and a continued refinement of this versatile theoretical tool. The focus issue we put forward attempts to contribute to this ambition, as we intend to collect recent methodological advances in functional renormalization group. The plan is that such a synopsis of state-of-the-art FRG implementations and applications will support interested scientists at entering the field. In doing so, the focus issue intends to induce a paradigm shift of the reception of FRG in the condensed matter community, and to elevate the FRG to an approach of ubiquitous use in contemporary research on correlated electron systems and beyond.


EPJ B Topical Issue: Evolutionary Game Theory

Submissions are invited for a Topical Issue of EPJ B on Evolutionary Game Theory.

Statistical physics has proven to be valuable for better understanding counterintuitive evolutionary outcomes. By treating evolutionary games akin to classical spin models, a physicist can draw on experience and knowledge from familiar models in classical physics. However, unlike pairwise interactions among particles that typically govern solid-state systems, interactions among living organisms often involve groups, and they also involve a larger number of possible states even for the most simplified description of reality. The complexity of solutions observed in evolutionary games therefore often surpasses that observed in classical physical systems.


EPJ B Topical Issue: Extreme Value Statistics and Search in Biology: Theory and Simulations

Submissions are invited for a Topical Issue of EPJ B on Extreme Value Statistics and Search in Biology: Theory and Simulations.

The reliability of the functioning of biological systems is still puzzling taking into account that many processes governing this functioning are prone to strong fluctuations on very different scales. In many cases these processes rely on a single or a few events, for example, those starting a signalling cascade, and may be dominated by the first or the first successful encounter of the corresponding units. Such encounters are often modelled as different variants of random search processes. The analysis of such processes pertinent to specific biological situations shows that in many cases a search process by a single agent is extremely ineffective, with typical encounter times considerably larger than what is necessary from the biological point of view. Therefore, the successful encounters are rare events.


E. Hernandez and H. Rieger
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Paul van Loosdrecht, Guest Editor Topical issue: Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter, Nanostructured and Molecular Materials, 2013

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